This is an infopage for a seminar I will be organising the summer term of 2023 at the Computer Science Department of Paderborn University. If you have any questions regarding the seminar, please contact me at

Living in todays world full of digital and digitized media, one easily forgets that many concepts of digital media were envisioned, developed and implements decades ago, and that in many cases what has been envisioned had uniquely digital features which where lost over time. In the seminar, we will highlight milestones in the development of digital media and carve their technical and societal circumstances.

In the seminar, you will look into and investigate what is behind digital media. By digital media here we do not refer to big platforms like Instagram or Tiktok but which technological innovations gave digital implementations of typical media unique features which sets it apart. You will investigate milestones of digital media like digital reading and writing, graphics processing to spreadsheets both from a perspective of technology (how it works) as well as its usage (what it allows one to do and why it has been developed in the fist place).

The seminar will be organsed as a block seminar with final presentations at the end. During the seminar, there will be meetings in which you present the state of your work and learn about the scientific skills necessary to create a seminar presentation and a thesis.